Mostra Scambio 2025
4-5-6 April 2025




The C.A.M.E.R. Auto Moto d'Epoca Reggiano Club was founded on February 4, 1976. The aims of the Club are the preservation and dissemination of historical motor culture. In the same year, and precisely on March 17, the association obtained from the Federal Council, with a unanimous vote, affiliation with the A.S.I. (Automotoclub Storico Italiano). In 2011, the association was determinedly recognized by the Emilia Romagna Region. The first elected president is Mr. Camillo Panciroli who will lead the Club until 2001, then followed by Mr. Gianni Marchetti. Since February 2016 the president of the Club has been Dr. Maiko Rosati, who was reappointed in October 2020. Initially and for several years the members of the Association show a marked interest in the motorcycle sector, which also prevails at the level; today parity has been reached with the automotive sector.



In the land of Emilia, there was no lack of initiative and goodwill, and the few members quickly planned various initiatives. The first event organised by the Club, in May 1977, was an exhibition of vintage cars, motorbikes and bicycles with about one hundred examples: it was held at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Reggio Emilia, right in the old town centre, lasted a week and was accompanied by a beautiful catalogue.

It follows the re-enactment of a famous city road circuit, where in the original post-war edition, Omobono Tenni, Umberto Masetti and other famous motorbike racers had raced.




Sunday 5 April 1981 saw the birth of the first Exchange Exhibition organised by the C.A.M.E.R.; it was to become the most important event, accompanying the association to this day with excellent results and appreciation, becoming of international interest. Historical motoring culture in the exhibition is transmitted to every corner with increasingly complete and exhaustive proposals, but in 2004 the need is felt for a breath of fresh air and a cultural pole is proposed to present a different theme each year with rationality, elegance and refinement. Thus was born 'Punto Incontro', the cultural salon of the C.A.M.E.R., the noblest part of the event, which saw a continuous growth and great success.

In recent years, in addition to the static exhibition of real gems of motoring history, real historical re-enactments have been proposed that combine motoring evolution with the social and cultural aspects of the years represented. A unique show of its kind in Italy.



The Association also organises a succession of rallies and events on a national level, with important awards. Among the many we mention for the car sector the 'Rievocazione Storica della Vezzano Casina' with six editions, the 'Regina e Re' (the first elegance kermesse to bring cars and motorbikes together) with four editions, both awarded the Manovella d'Oro (Golden Crank). For the motorbike sector, two editions of 'Our Indians', an exhibition in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia at the cloisters of San Domenico entitled 'Mito Moto'. This was followed by two interesting cultural tourist rallies in the enchanting Dolomites and one on the fascinating Island of Elba.

The collaboration with the Ruote a Raggi and C.P.A.E. clubs gave rise to ASIMOTOSHOW. There are numerous collaborations with events organised by our members, one for all the 'DEESSE TIME', a one-model event reserved for Citroën DS, which has been attracting almost one hundred and fifty cars from all over Europe for over fifteen years, obtaining with full marks the title of most important event in Italy in its sector. As far as social commitment is concerned, in addition to the various charities, mention should be made of the gift of a medical car in 2003 to the Croce Verde association with strong Reggiane roots.




In June 2007, the new headquarters of the Association was inaugurated, which presents itself in an elegant and pleasant manner, welcoming the more than 800 members in a pleasant environment for true Club life.
In recent years, the life of the Club has continued with an increase in the number of members to over one thousand four hundred in 2014 and an increase in activities. 2010 saw the debut of the new A.S.I. calendar event dedicated to cars, "Colli e Vallate Matildiche", designed to bring participants into direct contact with our territories and those that once belonged to the reign of Countess Matilda of Canossa, where nature, culture, and gastronomy meet automotive passion. The motorbikes, on the other hand, in their weekend, always on the A.S.I. calendar, cross new places and countries every year: the Dolomites, Trentino (Val di Non), Sardinia, Gran Sasso d'Italia, Maremma, Slovenia, Sicily and Cinque Terre.
Historical vehicles are a means of passing on to new generations the history of humanity and the importance of knowing our origins. It could be summed up in a very famous phrase: 'Knowing where we come from in order to understand where we are going'. We believe, now that we have passed the 40th anniversary of the Club's foundation, that we have contributed to passing on cultural knowledge and safeguarding historic motoring heritage.

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